music for mixed choir
with lyrics of → Cyrus Atabay

ca. 8 - 9 Min.
comp. 2009
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3 peoms by Cyrus Atabay:

The tiny yellow flowers
in the rock niches,
the evening light on mountain tops and poplars
their brilliance does not want to die.


This is my home,
here where it's dark,
the lights went out slowly.
I used to hear music and voices,
now I content myself
with signs,
anticipate gestures.
Blessed be the darkness,
in which the desperation
who sees despair,
who listens to her.
Impatiently I wait for it,
that the film breaks,
for the moment
of blinding brightness.

New answers

The same old, already rotting
from this we want to
make a bonfire,
now they burn, they're even more burning
give the prospect of answers
with grace,
who slept for long periods in salt mines.

All three poems out: Cyrus Atabay: Poems, 1991, pp. 150, 103 and 251.