Closeness and Curvature

Rondo for the → elole piano trio for their tenth anniversary

variable performance time
composed and first performance 2011
→ Download pdf 1976 kB
→ Video with score, recording 2011 Dresden
→ elole piano trio.


First performance:
2011 October 5th: Hellerau - European Center of Arts Dresden; → elole piano trio, → Uta-Maria Lempert Vl, → Matthias Lorenz cello, → Stefan Eder pno

Further performances:
2011 October 9th: Chemnitz, Neue Sächsische Galerie
2012 April 26th: Oldenburg, Altes Gymnasium
2012 October 16th: Berlin, BKA 2016 May 20th: Dresden, Altrochwitz 10
2016 June 2nd: Dresden, Dt. Hygienemuseum