Daydream Vault

music for piano

ca. 5 Min.
composed 1990, first performance 1993
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Thirty-six tones form a field structure that represents the tonal material basis of the composition. Continued time relations with the ratio 2:3 form a tempo vault that spans the entire piece and into which openly notated espressivo phases are inserted. Tempo-architecture and field-structure-material, form and intonation coagulate into a piece, which allows a close inner connection, but also a great variety of figurativeness.


Two non public performances:
1993 November 5th: Altes Gymnasium Oldenburg; → Werner Barho
1993 November 9th: Ummo-Emmius-Gymnasium Leer, repeat of Nov. 5th

First performance:
1994 June 5th: Conservatory Osnabrück, Werner Barho

Further performances:
1994 June 10th: Kulturzentrum Peter-Friedrich-Ludwig Oldenburg, Repeat of 1994 June 5th
1994 September 12th: Professorenhaus Lingen/Ems, Repeat of 1994 June 5th
1995 September: Dresden; → Ulrich Meckies
2000 Februar 6th Oldenburg, Stadtmuseum; Werner Barho
2000 April 14th Odessa Festival, Ukraine; Werner Barho