Fervent Retort
for chitarrone, viola da gamba and harpsichord

ca. 1 Min. 50 Sec.
composed and first performance 1992
belongs to the concert cycle → From this World‘s Black Earth
composed for the → camerata moderna
→ Download pdf 350 kB
→ Video with score, recording 1992 Bremerhaven, Ulrich Wedemeier - chit.,
Simone Eckert - viola da gamba and Karl-Ernst Went - hrps.


Lying sounds of a complex nature unfold. Result of four-dimensional treatment, sound plunges into time, represents the piece represents the unpredictability of the same. Instrumental possibilities are stretched to the point of inaudibility.


First performance:
1992 November 20th: Kulturzentrum Peter-Friedrich-Ludwig Oldenburg; camerata moderna: → Ulrich Wedemeier Chit, → Simone Eckert Viola da Gamba and → Karl-Ernst Went harps.

Further performances:
1992 November 29th: Kunsthalle Bremerhaven, camerata moderna: repeat of 1992 Okt. 20th
1996 June 8th: Gießhaus Kassel, camerata moderna s.o. with → Eckhart Kuper - harps.

1992 November 29th: Recording of the concert in Bremerhaven