Game Crossing
”Who Has Shaken Off [or: Taken Down]
the Roaring Stag“

music for oboe, clarinet and bassoon

in commission of the Künstlerhaus Lauenburg/Elbe

ca. 30 Min.
composed and first performance 2006
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Six short text passages are spoken by the musicians during the performance. They are all taken not quite literally from Friedrich Nietzsche's “Und also sprach Zarathustra”.

Is it possible to stumble over stones and people here?
Do you also sleep better when you are proved right?
What child would not have reason to cry about his parents?
Don't skip a step when climbing. The steps are unforgiving.
Can you shake your head to make the load fall down?
As if there were only one footbridge to the future!


First performance:
2006 October 6th: Künstlerhaus Lauenburg Elbe; → Trio Kassandra: → Judith Blauw ob, → Andrea Zierleyn clar and → Stefanie Liedtke bsn