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The ideal

for voice and piano

ca. 5 Min.
composed and premiered 2016
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The ideal

Yes, that's what you want:
A villa in the countryside with a large terrace,
in the foreground the Baltic Sea, behind Friedrichstrasse;
with beautiful views, country-chic,
from the bathroom you can see the Zugspitze
but in the evening to the cinema you have it not far.

The whole thing simple, full of modesty:

Nine rooms - no, but ten!
A roof garden where the oaks stand on it,
Radio, central heating, vacuum,
a servant, well drawn and dumb,
a sweet woman full of race and verve -
(and one for the weekend, to the reserve) -
a library and around it
Loneliness and bumblebee.

In the stable: Two ponies, four thoroughbred stallions,
Eight cars, motorcycle - everything you steer
Of course, that would be laughed!
And in between you go on big game hunting.

Yes, and I completely forgot that:
Great kitchen - first food -
old wines from beautiful cup -
and always you stay as thin as an eel.
And money. And jewelry a real helping.
And another million and another million.
And travel. And happy life.
And great kids. And eternal health.

Yes, you want that!

But, how is that here below:
sometimes it seems like it is granted
only gradually, earthly happiness.
There is always something missing you.
If you have money, then you do not have Kate;
do you have the wife, then you are missing monetas -
if you have the geisha, then the fan bothers you:
Soon we will miss the wine, soon we will miss the cup.

Something is always.
Console yourself.

Every luck has a little trick.
We want so much: Having. Being. And applying.
That one has everything:
that is rare.

 Kurt Tucholsky


First performance:
2016 june, 11th: Frankfurt am Main, Charlotte Donandt, voice, Friedemann Schmidt-Mechau, piano

further performances:
2017 february, 3rd: Frankfurt am Main
2018 february, 22nd: Frankfurt am Main