In the Great Between, Overnight
music in ten variations for mixed chorus,
percussion, violin, cello and piano

awarded with the Kunstpreis by the town of Cloppenburg 1993

ca. 10 Min. 50 Sec.
composed and first performance 1993
→ Download pdf 1704 kB
→ Video with score, recording 1993 Cloppenburg, Harvestehuder Kammerchor,
Yangi Kim - vl, Dorothee Palm - cello, Klaus Müller - pno,
Stephan Krause - perc, Claus Bantzer - cond.


What can be the way to find musical order without statistical or hierarchical regularity and musical non-order without disorder, and to put both into one? How must detail relate to form, how content to structure? The title: a word by → Paul Celan.
Can metaphor as a linguistic method be inherent in musical “language“? The composition follows a strict path, which is both definite and uncertain, precise, even mathematical accuracy and freedom, musical substance community and tonal sensuality combined.


First performance:
1993, November 12th: Stadthalle Cloppenburg; → Harvestehuder Kammerchor,
→ Yangi Kim - vl, → Dorothee Palm - cello, → Klaus Müller - pno, → Stephan Krause - perc and → Claus Bantzer - cond.