Lines - Knots - Ribbons

music for orchestra
(2 fl (1. also picc, 2. also afl), ob, corA, cl, bcl, bn, dbn - 2 hn, 2 tpt, btrbn - timp - str: 66442)

ca. 19 min.
composed 2018
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The composition consists of a sequence of 39 variations based on a spatial-geometric figure, which is shown here only on the surface. Each intersection of this figure has a different defined height.
This figure is spatially rotated several times and measured each time. These twists can cause lines to intersect, but the intersections are always preserved. The sticks of the figure are interpreted as musical lines. With the help of different filters they are divided into stages or interpreted in a sliding way. The ambitus used, the period and the definition of sonority with the aid of the value for height or depth are defined separately for each individual variation. In this way, the 39 Variations generate a large form of diverse relationships and connections within the composition.