The Never, The Beforehand and The Perhaps

music for percussion
dedicated to → Robyn Schulkowsky

ca. 25 Min.
If the parts are performed as single pieces:
The Never: ca. 16 Min. 40 Sec.; The Beforehand: ca. 12 Min; The Perhaps: ca. 3 Min. 45 Sec.
composed and first performance 1992
→ Download pdf 893 kB
→ Video with score, recording 1992 Leverkusen, Robyn Schulkowsky - perc.

Percussion instruments: 3 big dr., 2 tomtom, sidedr., cymb., triangle, temple bl., 7 claves


Common substance of the three very different movements, which can also be performed separately, is the manifold combination of rhythms and meters of the human blood circulation. From multiple superimpositions of tempos, the development of tempo modulations, fine, subtle melodies unfold, which counterpoint sounds of lying, which are produced unusually on the drums by friction, strokes of various kinds.


First performance:
1992, September 20th Erholungshaus Leverkusen, New music at Sunday morning; Robyn Schulkowsky

1993, October 27th: Radio Bremen 2. program (The Perhaps)

further performances:
1995, November 27th: Solo concert of → Tobias Liebezeit, cuba Münster, (The Never)
1995, November 29th: Tonhalle Düsseldorf, Rep. of 1995, Nov. 27th
1996, May 7th: Bergische Musikschule Wuppertal, Rep. of 1995, Nov. 27th
1996, May 10th: Forum Neue Musik, Wuppertal, Rep. of 1995, Nov. 27th