On an Inner Road

for harpsichord

Performance time: variable; in cycle: ca. 50 Sec.
composed and first performance 1992
belongs to the concert cycle → From this World‘s Black Earth
composed for the → camerata moderna
→ Download pdf 263 kB
→ Video with score, recording 1992 Bremerhaven, Karl-Ernst Went - hrps.


Percussive miniature which, in addition to clusters, includes the body of the harpsichord in the playing. The architecture is an eight-voice rhythmic canon. Therefore the playing instruction is “without beginning and without end“.


First performance:
1992 November 20th: Kulturzentrum Peter-Friedrich-Ludwig Oldenburg, → Karl-Ernst Went - harps.

Further performances:
1992 November 20th: Kunsthalle Bremerhaven
1994 May 31st: Sprengel-Museum Hannover
1994 June: Nürnberg
1995 January 20th: (Premiere) Dance Theatre in the courtyard, Hannover;
   16 Repeats between 1995 Jan. 21st and Febr. 26th
1996 June 8th: Gießhaus Kassel, → Eckhart Kuper - harps.

Recording and broadcast:
1992 November 29th: Recording of the concert in Bremerhaven
1993 October 27th: Broadcasted by Radio Bremen 2