Until One Voice Reaches Another

for 2 recorders (Soprano in C, Alto in G), chitarrone, viola da gamba, and harpsichord

ca. 11 Min. 10 Sec.
composed and first performance 1992
belongs to the concert cycle → From this World‘s Black Earth
composed for the → camerata moderna
→ Download pdf 3914 kB
→ Video with score, recording 1992 Bremerhaven, Camerata Moderna.


Variatively in itself, the piece refers to the cycle without quoting. The musical method of questioning seven times the same rhythmic structure for its “meaning“ corresponds to the way in which the texts from completely different cultures are dealt with, whose meaning can often only be understood by questioning one's own culture.


First performance
1992, November 20th: Kulturzentrum Peter-Friedrich-Ludwig Oldenburg → camerata moderna: → Ulrike Volkhardt - rec, → Ulrike Meier - rec, → Ulrich Wedemeier - chit, → Simone Eckert - viola da gamba and → Karl-Ernst Went - harps.

Further performances
1992, November 29th: Kunsthalle Bremerhaven
1996, June 8th: Im Gießhaus Kassel, with → Eckhart Kuper - harps.

1992, November 29th: Live recording of the Concert in Bremerhaven: Unerhört - Jens Carstensen