“When One Evening ...“
music for tenor saxophone, string quartet and piano
dedicated to FACE THE MUSIC

ca. 1 Min.
composed and premiered 2015
→ Download pdf 136 kB
→ Video; live recording 2015 New York
→ string quartet ”This Side Up”


Marcel Proust mentions that for Baudelaire, time “disintegrates in a strange way”. He mentions the frequent phrase “when one evening ...”, which in Baudelaire's case introduces rare remarks of remembrance, prehistory and correspondences that fall out of time. It is these “correspondences” that I seek to capture in my composition, in order to resist them at the same time.

The piece was selected at the competition of the US-American composers' association VoxNovus and their project “FACE THE MUSIC”, which presents 15 compositions of one minute length each.


First performance:
2015, May 17th: Jan Hus Presbyterian Church, New York; Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame: FACE THE MUSIC; string quartet → This Side Up