Where to Pause?
for 2 recorders (Alto in G), chitarrone, viola da gamba, and harpsichord

ca. 13 Min. 15 Sec.
composed and first performance 1992
belongs to the concert cycle → From this World‘s Black Earth
composed for the → camerata moderna
→ Download pdf 5422 kB
→ Recording 1992 Bremerhaven, camerata moderna.


A single rhythmic motif dominates the whole piece. This is driven through all tempos in constant tempo modulations and thus constantly gains new gestural content. Within the cycle, the piece reflects everything that has been there before, takes up sound and architectural structures again, uses motifs from other pieces, quotes, without leaving the all-dominant motif behind, and drives it to frenzy.


First performance:
1992 November 20th: Kulturzentrum Peter-Friedrich-Ludwig Oldenburg, camerata moderna: → Ulrike Volkhardt - Rec., → Ulrike Meier - Rec., → Ulrich Wedemeier - Chit, → Simone Eckert - Viola da Gamba and → Karl-Ernst Went - harps.

Further performances:
1992 November 29th: Kunsthalle Bremerhaven
1995 January 20th: (Premiere) Dance Theatre in the courtyard, Hannover; 16 Repeats between 1995 Jan. 21st and Febr. 26th
1996 June 8th: Gießhaus Kassel, with → Eckhart Kuper - harps.

1992 November 29th: Recording of the concert in Bremerhaven