On this website, personal user data is only processed to the extent necessary to provide a functional website and for our content and services.
Access log files and error log files are stored on the server.

These log files contain the following data:
- the visited website,
- time at the time of access,
- amount of data sent (in bytes),
- source or reference from which the user has come to the site,
- used browser,
- used operating system,
- used IP address.
These log files are collected to maintain secure server operation and are temporarily stored for up to 14 days.
Where technically possible and useful, IP addresses are anonymized after 24 hours. With this data, an assignment to a user is possible. This could, for example, be the case if the link to the website from which the user accesses the website or the link to the website to which the user is switching contains personal data. This data is also stored in the log files of our system. A storage of this data together with other personal data of the user does not take place. Apart from the log files there is no further storage of data.
An evaluation of IP addresses for statistical reasons that are not necessary for operational security or for advertising purposes, is not performed. No data will be transmitted to other services or to other countries.
The legal basis for the temporary storage of data and log files is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f DSGVO.
Storage in log files is done to ensure the functionality of the website. In addition, the data is used to optimize the website and to ensure the security of our information technology systems.
An evaluation of the data for marketing purposes does not take place in this context. For these purposes, our legitimate interest in the processing of data pursuant to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f DSGVO. The collection of data for the provision of the website and the storage of the data in log files is essential for the operation of the website. There is therefore no possibility for contradiction on the part of the user. No cookies, no social plugins, no analysis tools (like etracker or Google Analytics), no targeting and target group optimization tools are used. There are no registration, guestbook, newsletter or commentary functions available, therefore no personal data is collected here.
On our website, we provide our e-mail address to enable contact.
Users themselves determine which data they share. By sending the e-mail, the user agrees to the storage of the personal data transmitted by e-mail.
In this context, there is no disclosure of the data to third parties. The data is used exclusively for processing the conversation.
The legal basis for the processing of the data transmitted in the course of sending an e-mail is Article 6 (1) lit. f DSGVO.
If the e-mail contact aims to create a contract, then additional legal basis for the processing is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b DSGVO.
The processing of the personal data from the input mask serves us only to process the contact.

In the case of contact by e-mail, this also includes the required legitimate interest in the processing of the data.
The data will be deleted as soon as the user requests it. Users have the opportunity at any time to revoke their consent to the processing of their personal data. Users contacting us by e-mail may object at any time to the storage of their personal data.

In such cases, the conversation cannot be continued.
In such cases, all personal data stored in the course of the exchange will be deleted. The linked videos are controlled by this website in the "extended privacy mode". According to, no cookies are set and no connection data is recorded.
Whether this information is reliable and credible cannot be guaranteed from our side. For pages that are linked here, no liability can be accepted.