Of a different lifespan than mountains,
which wander unshakable
and full of tranquility.
Rather like a snowflake
which drifts and delays,
and passing accomplishments
on the way to the meeting place
in infinity.

I welcome all visitors of this site with this poem by → Cyrus Atabay, which I adapted in 2005 in my piece → "Outline Of A We". It describes pretty good my work as a contemporary composer after the avantgarde and far off the musical mass production.
Next to general information you can also find almost all of my scores as downloads. Further, you have access to the texts displayed on this website, as well as introductions to these and information on performances and newspaper articles.

This website was translated into English by → Dan Albertson, → Maike Knutz and Katharina Kröger. I am most grateful and offer them my warmest thanks for their valuable assistance.