Bitter Sediments

for 2 recorders (Voice-Flutes)

ca. 10 Min. 30 Sec.
composed and frist performance 1992
belongs to the concert cycle → From this World‘s Black Earth
composed for the → camerata moderna
→ Download pdf 963 kB


Homeless, foundationless glissandi drift through the room, meet, cross each other, rub. From the seemingly motion without drive and full of calmness, rhythmic figures crystallize, which become faster and faster and more complex with cross the glissandi and finally eat them up. Busy, torn up, madly the hunt ends.


First performance:
1992 November 20th: Kulturzentrum Peter-Friedrich-Ludwig Oldenburg; camerata moderna: → Ulrike Volkhardt Rec. and → Ulrike Meier Rec.

Further performances:
1992 November 29th: Kunsthalle Bremerhaven
1996 June 8th: Gießhaus Kassel

1992 November 29th: Recording of the concert in Bremerhaven